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Again to Love

By Michael Kibler

A college foreign exchange student unintentionally gets involved in a love triangle between two exes and must decide to let her feelings be known, or let them get back together.

Peer Rating: 100%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 4: 100%
Draft 3: 47%
Draft 2: 14%
Draft 1: 40%
1 Reviews | 99 pages | 1 week ago | Draft 4


Iðunn arrives to the U.S. from Höfn, Iceland. She stays with a widowed mother, Olivia North. Iðunn meets Will, who is Olivia's son. Iðunn has a crush on Will. Iðunn decides to get a tutor, Theresa, for one of her classes. Theresa and Will are exes. Theresa convinces Iðunn to start a relationship with Will, not knowing that it is him.
Iðunn's relationship pursuit with Will inspires Theresa to try and get back together with Will.

Over time Will and Iðunn start to develop feelings for one another, but not acting on them.
Theresa trys to get Will back and fails.
Iðunn decides to tell Will her feelings before she has to head back to Iceland, while Theresa offers moral support for Iðunn. All the while everyone involved are mutually oblivious that they all know one another.
Theresa finds out her and Iðunn both like Will.
Theresa confronts them both. Iðunn becomes deviated at what transpired with the confrontation.
Olivia comforts Iðunn after the confrontation.
Iðunn goes to Will's place to tell him her true feelings regardless of the outcome.
In the meantime, Theresa meets a bartender, Hayden who convinces her the relationship with Will is over. Theresa decides to help Iðunn stay in the U.S. to make up for what she did.
Iðunn gets to stay in the U.S.
Will gets to go to Iceland for a summer internship. Iðunn goes with Will to meet her family as well. Will and Iðunn leave for Iceland for the summer. Theresa starts a new relationship with Hayden.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

i've already mentioned the concept, it's not crazy, it is what it is. The story still doesn't work for me. Like I said in the review of the previous draft, a good story has some sort of conflict. What movie have you ever watched or book have you ever read where there was no type of conflict at all for the first 2/3. It just doesn't work. When there's no conflict, there's nothing pushing the characters to do anything, it's just people living their...

1 week ago |
Ulysses Macargen Top Reviewer
Here were my thoughts on your revised script:

1. Concept - As mentioned previously, the concept isn't the most original or the strongest. That being said, that gives you more room for creativity and I can see that you've definitely taken that into account more for this newer draft.

2. Story - Just as before, I thought the story was, overall, pretty good. I've noticed it was shortened up just a tad to keep it from dragging and the big scene...

2 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer
"Again to Love" is comprised of very little more than the minimum elements to compose a romance. Extremely low character count with not much personality to go around; a single plot-line that runs mostly without conflict; dialogues that work surface-level and with little nuance; scenes that are almost always mono-thematic; and practically no character development to speak of. I will expand on each issue and the do a summary at the end.
As far as...

1 week ago |
Writing 90 - 120 pages of so-called "scenes" does not mean it's a screenplay. It means you understand how to format the Slug, Action, Character, and Dialogue lines. That's all that's here. That's not even done properly in parts. How this was accepted through the first 15 is beyond me. It does you a disservice.

A screenplay (movie) shows us a story through action and reaction. Live fictional characters, in the most entertaining way possible....

3 weeks ago |
Van Lutz Top Reviewer
Concept: As I’m sure you know, the concept of a love triangle isn’t all that crazy and the foreign exchange student twist isn’t too crazy either. I have to say that I don’t love how much weight concept carries in this system as an old concept that’s executed well can be great but...

Story: ... the execution does have to be great. A story really should have conflict, a sequence of causes and effects. There’s no real conflict that drives the st...

3 weeks ago |
Ulysses Macargen Top Reviewer
Let's starts with the setting. College campuses are -- usually -- terrible places to set a movie because the only people who care about the lives of 18-24 years-olds are 18-24 year-old. (The one notable exception is if the college film is about friendship, which is why the most popular college-based films usually involve fraternities.) I can't think of a romance movie set at college off the top of my head, so this could conceivably be new territo...

4 weeks ago |
Here were my thoughts on your script:

1. Concept - Even though the concept isn't the most original, it's simple enough to where you can work with it and add a lot of your own creativity into it.

2. Story - For the most part, I thought the story was decent, albeit a bit prolonged and just slightly predictable. Unfortunately though, I feel like the story downgrades in quality once it gets to the ending, almost entirely because of Theresa's ch...

3 weeks ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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