Write your script, get feedback, and even do table reads with ScriptMother Workshop

In your screenwriting journey, you've probably come across the term "screenwriting workshop". Maybe you saw an advertisement for a 5-day workshop at the Sundance Institute, where up-and-coming writers develop their story ideas into industry-level screenplays.

Or perhaps a fellow screenwriter mentioned this "amazing" 8-week online course where they learned how to polish their script by applying feedback and collaborating with industry pros.

All of these opportunities can take your script to the next level, but they cost a pretty penny and in some instances, you have to be invited.

But do they have to be expensive? Do screenwriting workshops have to involve an 8-week intensive online course, or a 5-day retreat to some exclusive film institute in Park City, Utah? Do they guarantee 100% success in the industry? And most of all, are they necessary for turning your screenwriting dreams into reality? Absolutely not!

A screenwriting workshop is any writing environment that allows you to grow as a writer and turn your story idea into screenwriting reality. It can be an online class, a writing lab filled with fellow screenwriters, or a 7-day trip to a secluded cabin in the mountains (or the corner table at your favorite coffee shop) where you finally decide to crank out that script you've always wanted to finish.

Or--it's right here, right now in our brand new ScriptMother Workshop.

For the past few years, ScriptMother has served as one of the best screenwriting communities on the internet. We're a place where you can come to receive and provide quality feedback from your peers, and share your screenwriting experience with fellow writers.

That all changes with ScriptMother Workshop, where you can access screenwriting software, get interactive inline notes for your script, and even have your script read to you by our brand new A.I. voice reader!

Write, Edit, Publish Your Script

ScriptMother Workshop is a new screenwriting software that allows you to write your script right here on our platform! Got a script already in the works? You can import your existing PDF and our software will import it in the proper format.

Keep in mind, our import tool isn't perfect, so you'll need to make some edits to your script. But our automate formatting and seamless interface is on par with the best screenwriting software in the industry today. That means you won't need to pay $20/month on screenwriting software anymore.

On-demand Voice Reader

Meet Table Reader, our brand new AI voice reader for your script. Want to hear your dialogue read out loud? Want to hear the words of your characters spoken in a realistic voice, and not some robot voiceover? Unlike other software, our voice reader is powered by the most innovative text-to-speech software in the industry. Hear it in action below!

Inline notes

At ScriptMother, we're all about feedback. Whether good or bad, the more feedback you get, the more you learn as screenwriter. Best of all, your script will keep getting better and better. That why we created way display notes and comments from fellow writers right in the lines of your script. So as you're rewriting, you can see notes that point out grammatical errors, or dialogue that goes nowhere.

Most of all, ScriptMother Workshop is FREE! Experience a true, all-in-one screenwriting platform where you and fellow writers can workshop your script anytime you want!