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Lottery Logix

By Kathleen Hof

When four homeless math genius brothers create a lottery winning app that funds their plan to eradicate homelessness, they must overcome debilitating mental health issues and battle ruthless politicians in money losing states intent on illegally shutting them down. Inspired by the real app.

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Bradley, Raymond, Justin and Eric are four math genius brothers.

Initially, they use their math skills at prestigious companies. But, eventually, Bradley becomes a compulsive gambler and Eric an alcoholic. Raymond loses a leg at his employment. And, Justin's oddsmaking which favors the casino, results in the murder of his mother which leads to severe PTSD attacks.

Devasted by their mother's murder coupled with their own individual emotional issues and addiction they all become homeless.

One day, while at a homeless camp near a convenience store, the Brothers ogle a sexy woman leaving the store. When she drives away, they discover she has dropped a scratch off lottery ticket.

They dream of the big win. Unfortunately, they don't hit the jackpot but they do win a little over two hundred dollars. They use their winnings to purchase food and some toys for their Homeless peers in the camp.

Later that night, they wonder if they can use their math skills to create an algorithm that will consistently predict scratch off ticket winners.

After researching the published data from the lottery office, they determine they can predict winners.

Realizing their personal problems will impede their success, they get help and enter a Homeless Shelter.

When their app goes public, it quickly gets close to a hundred million downloads. The predictions are dead on correct. They not only tell which scratcher tickets have the best odds of winning and where the jackpots will hit but they also tell people when to stop buying certain tickets. Their advice results in big loses to the state of Florida and eventually all states.

The Brothers first use their profits to donate material items and food to the shelter where they reside. Then, they use the profits to purchase tickets for their shelter which they donate anonymously. Eventually, their shelter becomes self-funded. Then, they branch out to shelters all across the country. With vast amounts of money and a real successful plan, they tackle and correct the reason a person becomes homeless not merely put a band-aide on the problem after a person becomes homeless.

In the meantime, the states start to lose money because the prizes for each scratcher game is based on the number of tickets printed. But, with Lottery Logix putting a stop to purchases after Jackpots have been awarded but before all the tickets have been sold, the states are experiencing massive money loses.

As a result, State Governors and representatives in Congress work together to shut down Lottery Logix illegally. They enlist the help of the police, IRS, and FBI. Congress even holds hearings.

However, the Brothers have always been one step ahead of the politicians and ultimately win the battle.

Finally, their financial plan and more efficient social plan ends homelessness in the United States.

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Overall, this was a great first draft for this based on a true story drama. I think that after fixing up the few errors and revising over your script, it will become something truly awesome. Good luck!

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Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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