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Dreams Come True

By Lakshman Sai Kumar Tumati

An adopted orphan Arjun gets a love dream. He discovers that it was caused by a device, invented by his Birth Father, who got stuck in the dream-space.

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A young man whose wife dies giving birth, tries to kill his baby. He couldn’t. So, he throws him in the garbage. A police officer picks the baby and takes him home.
After 25 years. He becomes Arjun, the street fighter. The tumour in his head and his birth father act broke him. He sheds blood to cope with that pain. He becomes the best fighter and crowd favourite.
Kali, the strongest fighter he ever met, beats him to death but Arjun wins. He faints and gets admitted in a hospital. He runs from the hospital soon after he opened his eyes. He meets a bold waitress in a pub. He follows her and gets to know her. She is also an orphan, broken but bold enough to survive alone.
One day, they go to the hospital to see her injured neighbour who is a reporter. The reporter reveals that a Gangster hit him. So, He calls his father and gets him arrested.
The gangster kills one of the police who arrested. The waitress secretly watches the murder. The gangster threatens her not to tell anyone. But the waitress tells Arjun. He tells this to his father. The gangster listens to this and kidnaps his father, two friends, the waitresses’ brother and reporter. The gangster plays a game with them and kills them all and beats Arjun to death.
When Arjun opens his eyes, he is on a hospital bed. He sees his father, friends alive and the waitress in a doctor coat. Later, he realises that it was a dream from his coma but he can’t forget because it was so real. He moves on and wants to love the doctor who looks like the waitress. He surprisingly sees the gangster who killed them as a doctor. The gangster can remember can also Arjun’s dream. That surprises him and investigates this. He discovers a man (his birth father) in a cryo-chamber who was from his earlier dream.
He gets a dream (story of his birth father), filled with love, pain, sacrifices and betrayal. His father is a scientist and invents an AI devices DREAM-MAKER, DREAM-PLAYER which can connect people’s dreams and make us feel dreams. The only fault in this device is that if you die in dreams. You’ll be stuck in dreams forever.
He wakes from the dream. He finds that his love is just a game. The gangster who is a doctor now and his billionaire father (A friend of Arjun father who betrayed him and became the billionaire with the help of the Chief Minister) did this on purpose to him. They made him a beast.
They want to earn money using his birth father’s inventions. They make him use this device again to rescue his birth father and plan to kill him in dreams…

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Let me start off by saying there are regional and cultural differences that are wonderful to notice within someone's writing.

pg 1 S1 Show us that it’s midnight by a clock, device, watch, or time keeper. Recommend rewrite “The hospital is almost empty with just a few people.” to “Few people move within the hospital.”
S1 Slugline – verify formatting is correct. Remember Once you establish the master (primary) location, then you can indicat...

11 months ago |

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