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Cut-Throat Criminals

By Jack O'Brien

Two criminals living in the slums of London in the 1860's who can never seem to benefit from their crimes.

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A man on the run from the police is stopped by two wannabe gangsters. He kills the man in charge and befriends his right-hand man. They hold up a bar and try to get some money but end up getting their money stolen by a little kid. They try to steal from people at a market but get made a mockery of by all of the people at the market.

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There was a point while reading Cut-Throat Criminals when I wondered if I was interpreting it incorrectly and if it was in fact a slapstick comedy rather than an action crime short as I initially thought it was. I thereafter finished the script viewing it through that potential lens to see if it made the script make any more sense. Unfortunately, it did not.


Formatting-wise, the writer has great page economy, and the script at...

7 months ago |
Dan Patrick Kerry Top Reviewer

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