Wanna See


By Logan Ward

Newcomer Piper Merritt races to meet the demands of her band director father, fellow band members, and herself, in the world of high school band.

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So far, this script includes the first fifteen pages of what is intended to be the first episode of a larger series. In this excerpt, Piper arrives in the town of Mount Airy, Kentucky with her family, grapples with a series of unfortunate events relating to the move which ensue, and becomes acquainted with fellow band member and her new next door neighbor Lydia Rankin.

Meanwhile, a circle of veteran members including Lydia as well as Will Steffen, Parker Hillard, and Wren Allawi, ruminates over their future plans with the band, and how Piper factors into them.

This is likely all I will produce relating to this project, as it's mainly meant to serve as the prototype for a similar idea that I have. So, it's not perfect, demonstrates a bit of a lack of understanding of the mechanics of high school band, but that wasn't necessarily my focus when diving into this outing.

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