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Dynamic Squad Action Team Go!

By Keith St. Lawrence

When a potentiality damning tape from the past arrives at his footsteps, it’s up to a former teenage superhero to alert his old team, while they’re in the middle of filming their come back.

Draft #1
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Draft 1: 45%
0 Reviews | 36 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 2


The Dynamic Squad was once one of the hottest celebrity superhero teams in the ’90s. Now it’s been twenty some odd years later and they’re rebooting the team again. Everyone’s back, except for the troubled former leader, Jeff Delafield. But when a potentially damning videotape from the team’s past arrives mysteriously at his footsteps, Jeff makes it his mission to alert his old squad, even if it means seeing them again, reigniting old wounds, and jumping back into the world of the celebrity superhero.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

I must say this story is uncooked and completely disjointed. I am not sure the writer took time to go back and organise the plot. First it begins with Colin being sickly and meeting with a Mysterious Stranger, this Mysterious stranger appears at every sphere of the story and at the end of the story we are told the stranger is Colin. That does not make any sense, because at the beginning we saw Colin discussing with this same stranger.
Also we do...

1 year ago |
A funny twist on the classic "get the band back together" story arc is moderately executed. The concept itself of reuniting the old pals is a tired one and needs to be done in a way that makes it seem like it's not a retread. As far as draw goes, it worked as intended. The script was faithful to the listing description and logline posted. The scenes are well-written and the script is structured well. I did notice a lack of description regarding t...

1 year ago |
Sluglines should be a bit more generic. The first line "INT. ORTEGA'S INC - COLIN'S STUDY". I understood Colin's study, but I don't know who that is yet. The same goes for Ortega's Inc. - is this Colin's? Is this another entity or character? I'd recommend using generic slugline; condo complex - the studio. You can then within the first couple of paragraphs of action describe or infer what the place looks like so I can fill in who owns or rents wh...

1 year ago |
While I have not read many scripts yet as I am pretty new to this site here, I must say, this is the best one I've read so far. It was a pleasure to read. I felt that all of the dialogue was very realistic. Everything was properly formatted. The characters sounded real when they talked. all of your structure was very on point. Lots of people forget that you have to label the acts when writing a teleplay but I'm glad you remembered. My only critic...

1 year ago |

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