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By Chaz Fatur

A Scientist develops robotic high-tech technology for three everyday unsung Heroes; a Paraplegic, a Man born with no arms and no legs and a War Hero... who team up to combat the crimes of Steel Town.

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In Steel City, thrived off of being the #1 Steel producing town, it’s champion Sports Team and good hard working Citizens strive to help others, which is no different for two unique special friends, Gizmo & Scooter. Now these aren’t their real names of course, nicknames given because of their uniqueness. Gizmo is a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair after a horrific car accident that killed his parents. And Scooter who was disadvantaged at birth when the Good Lord forgot to give him arms and legs! He gets around, tagging behind Gizmo’s powered wheelchair on a skateboard. These two buds could have been bitter for their short-comings and turned to crime and mayhem, but chose not to succumb to evil and rather to do good. To protect and help the City’s Citizens.

Jayde is a former Special Ops Soldier for the US Army. Her unit was hit by IED. Jade sacrificed herself to protect her unit by absorbing the brunt of the blast, ripping of a few of her limbs. Her two legs, one arm and an eye to be exact. Only one limb away form being Scooter. But being a million dollar weapon she earned the respect and graciousness of the VA to give her clunky prosthetic limbs. She looks like a malfunctioning cyborg now. But she’s upright and taking it easy.

A special support group for those less fortunate helps those to cope with their disadvantages and turn them into a positive. Gizmo and Scooter assist the Group Leader. One day, in clunks Jayde. Assigned by the VA to attend the group. She’s bitter, beaten and bitchy. But somehow she instantly bonds with Gizmo and Scooter.

Observing Gizmo and Scooter’s heroics in town, is Riley, a super genius Scientist specializing in metallurgy and advanced technologies, plans to assist these three into something special. With a graphic comic drafted by Gizmo, he forms his unique skills into transforming the Super trio into… Super Freaks!

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