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SVF: Reborn (First Draft)

By Cyle Brooks

Slaying demons and kicking ass are his specialty.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 80%
Industry Rating: N/A
3 Reviews | 90 pages | 4 weeks ago | Draft 1


After demon-slaying anti-hero Shadow Vile Figure (aka SVF) has taken down and defeated several strange and unusual monsters, Mayor Griffon tasks him to protect his niece, Veronica, as she has become the number one target of the world's most feared enemy: Satan himself.

Rated R for frenetic sequences of strong bloody horror violence and gore throughout, pervasive language, sexual content and some drug references.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

It is unfair for me to review this script because gratuitous violence, gore, and constant profanity never appealed to me, so there is a bias here, I will try to be as objective as possible. The script begins at a tolerable level of violence, feeling campy at some points. Then it seems with every new scene, the writer tries to outdo the previous scene with gore and profanity.

Every character cusses the most vile phrases - even the women. I fee...

3 weeks ago |
Paul Vecchiet Top Reviewer
Ok, my comment would be filled more with suggestions rather that critics because there were just a few things that I consider I should point out as a mistake or bad decision. Starting with the characters and more specifically the dialogues- all in all good but the fact the many of the characters use so much "fuck/fucking" makes them way too similar to each other. One of the rules of screenwriting is that no character should speak like another cha...

2 weeks ago |
So, I just read the first draft of a script called SVF: Reborn! The first thing I looked at was the number of pages of the screenplay. The screenplay is 90 pages long which put a smile on my face. A screenplay that is 90 pages tells me that this is a good sign. I say this because a screenplay from 90-110 pages will put a smiling face on the reader. But 120 pages is usually the maximum. A screenplay that is 90 pages is short and sweet! This tells...

2 weeks ago |
Hunter Huiet Top Reviewer

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