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It's Never Too Late

By Cathie Tufnail

Chris has to lose everything before he can rediscover his musical soul and win back the people he loves

Peer Rating: 40%
Industry Rating: N/A
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It's Never Too Late is a character led romantic drama.
Ex-musician Chris’s life is destroyed in 12 terrible weeks. His dad dies, he loses his job, then his wife leaves him and sells their house out from under him. Bitter, resentful and lost he hooks up with an old band member, until the sudden death of his mum forces him to face some hard truths about himself. Now all he has to do to is re-connect with his children, win back his wife, repay a kindness and save the day.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

• Concept - Good.

• Characters - Chris and Helen are the most believable of all.

• Story - Boy loses job and girl. Boy downward spirals. The girl still loves the boy. The boy is given help by the daughter and a new friend. Boy reunites with an old friend.

• Plot/structure - Decent plot. Unfortunately nothing unseen before. Could reach Nicholas Spark's level of romance.

• Scenes - Formatted correctly, just recommend minor tweaks.


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