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by Kathleen Hof
95 pages
by David Kyle Anderson
142 pages
Icon of the Defender
by Stefano Pavone
116 pages
SVF Reborn Again (Second Draft)
by Cyle Brooks
100 pages


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by Glen Smith
28 pages television
Poppy seeds Part 1
by i n
15 pages short
Raymond M uploaded a script.
1 day ago
Power Vacuum feature
Genre: Thriller,Drama
Logline: Disturbing dystopian satire depicting an American who’s fleeing for his dear life due to war ends up in Canada then to France not knowing there’s a war going on there and finds way to escape with a Flemish Belgian and Irishman by his side.
Andrew Ranes uploaded a script.
1 day ago
Go West television
Genre: Western
Logline: Lane and Natalie face the trials and tribulations of the Western Frontier in 1865 Missouri.
Andrew Ranes just joined ScriptMother!
1 day ago
Samantha Fair uploaded a script.
1 day ago
Love or Lust feature
Genre: Romance
Logline: Two married couples find love with each other while a series of events try to break them up for good.
Samantha Fair uploaded a script.
1 day ago
The Affair Contract feature
Genre: Drama
Logline: Two lawyers enter into a contract where a vengeful ex-wife and special agent have secret agendas.
Samantha Fair uploaded a script.
1 day ago
Down Fire feature
Genre: Drama
Logline: Two best friends bond over the love of rock music as a vengeful ex has other ideas for the couple
Samantha Fair just joined ScriptMother!
1 day ago
Jacob Rowe just joined ScriptMother!
1 day ago
Cyle Brooks just claimed a review for a script.
1 day ago
Dipped and Died feature
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Logline: Six friends escaped a dark world after a decade, leaving one behind. Three years later, they must return to stop her from coming home.
Marlon Schwiersch just claimed a review for a script.
1 day ago
Followers television
Genre: Drama,Comedy
Logline: Faced with overwhelming hardship, a young woman escapes her personal life and enters the world of online modeling.
Marion Donnellier uploaded a script.
3 days ago
Wild Things short
Genre: Drama
Logline: A stubborn university student, missing her life at home sees her world spiral when her long-time boyfriend shows up unexpectedly.
J. Brodie Shirey uploaded a script.
3 days ago
Foxblade Episode 2: “First Day On The Job” television
Genre: Action/Adventure,Animation,Comedy
Logline: Roxanne Redtail discovers an evil plot to destroy the Earth and becomes the powerful hero Foxblade to prevent it.
Kenny Athelstan just claimed a review for a script.
4 days ago
Speaking To The Dead feature
Genre: Drama,Horror,Mystery/Suspense
Logline: A young girl, devastated by her mother's murder, works with her spirit to bring her killer to justice, before anyone else dies.
Kenny Athelstan just joined ScriptMother!
4 days ago
i n just purchased a review. Claim it here
5 days ago
Annabel television
Genre: Drama
Logline: A guy endures tragedy of his first lover.
Feranaa Jijcawna just joined ScriptMother!
6 days ago
Elaine Mroz-Bunnell just purchased a review. Claim it here
6 days ago
City on Fire - Chapter II: First Light television
Genre: Action/Adventure,Drama,Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Logline: In a city on the edge of oppression, a lone rider tries to escape, and encounters a ghost from long since past.
Nassim Ait Amara just joined ScriptMother!
1 week ago
Lynn Li Tung just claimed a review for a script.
1 week ago
Again to Love feature
Genre: Romance,Drama
Logline: A college foreign exchange student unintentionally gets involved in a love triangle between two exes and must decide to let her feelings be known, or let them get back together.
Leila Kordi uploaded a script.
1 week ago
the Scotland house feature
Genre: Drama,Family,Romance
Logline: idk


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