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2 years ago
No More Gods television
Genre: Drama,Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Logline: After discovering the truth, two free werecats set out to alter the future of their kind. Forcing them to question their beliefs, create an uncomfortable alliance with the cities vampires and challenge the legitimacy of their leaders.
This sounds interesting to read. Let me know when you'd like a fresh set of eyes on it. =) Is this for Young Adults or a more mature audience?
louise wilding uploaded a script.
3 years ago
The Ghost Finder: The Gateway of the Monster television
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Logline: Based on the stories by William Hope Hodgson. Ghost Finder follows the paranormal investigations of Tasmin Carnacki, as she uncovers hauntings, hoaxes and mysteries.
louise wilding uploaded a script.
3 years ago
City of Caves: The White Tiger television
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Logline: When two courageous werecats striving to create a better future, suddenly find themselves at the centre of an age-old war, they're forced to fight alongside one enemy to bring down another, so they can finally live life on their own terms.
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