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Teen Gods

By Xzilez

Aphrodite and the Greek Gods of Olympus must stop Ares and his followers from tipping the scale from world peace to war while Aphrodite helps people from around the globe reach their goals in life so their achievements can create world peace.

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“Teen Gods” is a young adult comedy/drama that tells the story of Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love, who tries to tip the global scale to world peace and keep it away from going to war, while dealing with the struggles of being a teenage girl in 2020. Aphrodite and Mother Hera live alone in their gorgeous home, looking over Olympus high. A high school built by Daddy Zeus before he disappeared on a secret mission, given to him by the new God of the world.

Lady Hecate has created jobs for some of the olympian gods to use their powers for good and to keep tipping the scale to world peace. There’s an app, only known to the Gods, that tells them which human needs help. The Peace, Love, and Happiness app, also known as P.L.H., gives details about the human, how they act, and if they are guidable to achieve world peace. The show is like a mixture of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “Degrassi” but with Greek gods and a little tamer.

In the pilot episode Lady Hecate instructs Aphrodite to guide her ex boyfriend back to the world peace side of the scale but Aphrodite is reluctant. She doesn’t feel safe with Brian due to his aggressions and narcissistic behavior but tries anyway. She is almost ready to quit until she finds out that his new girlfriend is big trouble and will lead him down a path that he can’t walk back from. It’s up to Aphrodite to guide him back to her side before Brian makes a decision that he will regret for the rest of his life.

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Teen Gods – Review – 3 August 2020

Overall, I would rate this script 3 out of 5. Some of the dialog is bit forced even if supposed to be a teen show. Although the setting is high school with occasional mature elements and actions, based on the dialog, the demographic that would watch this show would be younger viewers, early teens, pre-teens. Of course, some of the content is not suitable for that age so there is a slight imbalance between...

2 years ago |

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