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Mother and I

By Xzilez

Violet, a princess in the distant future, must pass several dangerous tests to rejoin society or lose her royal crown and be sent to The Despoiler for her royal punishment.

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Violet, a wildcat of her collective, finds herself trapped in an apartment with no doors or windows. She urgently tries to find a way out but quickly learns where she is. Mother appears on the TV screen and confirms that she’s in the Rehabilitation Clinic and will need to endure and pass several tests before she can be let out. Violet isn’t trying to hear this and demands out but Mother informs her if she does not complete the tests that she will be sent straight to The Despoiler for punishment.

After every completed task she will receive a reward. After passing an exhilarating test she gets rewarded Ryan, a member of the clinic, as her reward. With Ryan we learn that she was sent there for a crime that risked the authority of her Royal cabinet. Ryan wants to help her with the tests but Mother has other plans. Due to Ryan not informing her of being married, he broke one of their laws and needs to be punished. Mother assigns Violet to carry out his punishment as one of her tests, only to learn it was nothing but mind games.

Violet doesn’t respect Mother or the system and tries to fight them every step of the way. For 80 minutes Violet must endure tests that will challenge her mind, body, and soul, while figuring out what Mother and her people are really doing on Earth, which they renamed Gaia. Through flashbacks we learn about their ways, how they took over, and how they treat the “sentiments” that still roam the planet.

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These were my thoughts throughout the script:

1. Concept - I definitely liked the concept of a single person being physically and psychologically tormented and must find a way to escape especially since we normally get just plain old torture porn nowadays.

2. Story - I absolutely loved the story you told. To me, it felt very clear what you were telling and how you wanted it all to play out. Aside from the slightly rushed ending, the story w...

1 year ago |
Cyle Brooks Top Reviewer

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