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By Xzilez

A drama that follows the lives of teenagers in Three Rivers, Texas, the parents of said teenagers, and a race war that is boiling over to a dangerous outcome.

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Adolescence is an ensemble cast focusing on the lives of six teenagers and their problems dealing with discrimination, crime, sexual abuse, and coming of age. Robert, an african american boy, is new in town and finds himself in a melting pot community filled with different cultures. Not all these cultures get along and Robert finds himself in the middle of a race war. The principal is sick of dealing with the crap and enlists Robert to join the football team so he can out the racists and drive them out of town before an uprising ensues.

Brianna, a bullied girl at school, has daily sessions with the school’s therapist about her anger issues and where they originate from. Nina and Sarah are best friends but are also the most feared women in school. Sarah enjoys catfishing unexpecting men for money while Nina, despite her aggressive attitude, tries to find herself in the LGBQT community while dealing with her abusive father. Michael is an asian transgender trying out for the football team and Frankie is involved with drug lords and smugglers, who also happens to be his divorced parents.

In the pilot episode Robert meets Frankie and is befriended by him. Frankie shows Robert the ends and outs of the school but Robert finds himself in the nurse’s office after being punched in the face by a stranger. The principal believes it’s someone on the football team and urges Robert to join so he can seek out his own justice but Robert is wary of the principal’s motives. Brianna opens up about her aggressions and parents. Sarah continues her catfishing and makes a risky move. Nina explores her sexuality. Michael tries out for the football team against his best friend’s wishes and Frankie begs to get let out of the business but learns the hard way what type of parents they are.

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