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By Trentking

When a group of teens travel to Haiti for a church mission, they are met by a shape-shifting monster, famous for ripping human flesh from its bones. It's Leprechaun meets Wrong Turn.

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Lougarou is a horror movie about a group of teens who agree to join a mission, organized by a local church, to visit an elderly woman in Haiti, and offer any aid the woman might need. Grace, Tommy, Sara, Smith, Erica, and Jesse all have their own personal reasons for joining the mission, and some are not as wholesome as others.

This film introduces the world to a Caribbean-based legend of a monster that tears the flesh from its victims, and might just wear it as a costume.

Although only those with evil intentions should fear the Lougarou, all who know of its legacy, and ability to reek havoc, are terrified of its legend. And those who are unfamiliar with the beast, should be careful. Especially when traveling to a foreign land with intentions to exploit the people living there.

Justice will befall all those who take advantage of the disadvantaged, and their day of reckoning will be made extra special by the beast.

As for the rest, spiritual protection is the ultimate lifeline, when you are battling something that is supernatural.

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