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By Trent Kelsey

In 1958, a small town sharp-shooter becomes the third in a trio of female robbers, led by a violent, unpredictable psychopath, to pursue a foreseeable fortune along their road trip of crime and destruction.

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Mary is a small-town, sharp-shooting country girl who lives with her war veteran Uncle in their struggling army surplus store. She meets Naomi, a mysterious, eccentric stranger who entices her to join her and her driver, Dolores, on a Bonnie-and-Clyde-style road trip of robberies. Mary turns the opportunity down, only to be dragged along against her will when she inadvertently gets involved with a robbery at her hometown store. She soon finds herself coming along with the ride, plunging further and further down into a dark hole of crime and carnage, and learns that when you drive down the highway to hell, there just may be no turning back.

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