Wanna See

I am Carl

By Tokelo Monesa

A teenage boy finds a backpack that allows him to teleport to different dimensions in the multiverse

Peer Rating: 7%
Industry Rating: N/A
1 Reviews | 10 pages | 2 months ago | Draft 1


A casual visit to the gelatine creatures turns into a rescue mission due to
a mixed breed monster of lion, bear and octopus. The huge monster
destroys many buildings and lives but due to the wise man’s help Carl
saves the day.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Overall, this script has some of the laziest writing I've ever seen. Never have I seen a script so baffling in every element of screenwriting. That being said, it's clear the writer has a big imagination, of very strange monsters and worlds. I suggest the writer reads scripts, reads books on screenwriting and improve more on their screenwriting, and then I think they can make a good script, but this is not it.

1 month ago |
Marlon Schwiersch Top Reviewer

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