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Singularity - Pilot Episode - "Variation"

By Steven Vincent

The forbidden yet magnetic connection between Luma, a New Human “Learner” and Kinesis, a Transhuman “Minor”, contains the potential to either spark an inter-species war or propel the world forward into a glorious new beginning

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In a future in which Humanity has evolved into competing species, the forbidden yet powerfully magnetic connection between Luma, a young New Human “Learner” and Kinesis, a Transhuman “Minor”, contains the explosive potential to either spark a third calamitous inter-species war or propel the world forward into a glorious new beginning.

"Singularity" is a universe of media that bridges the sci-fi, thriller, drama, adventure and action genres with themes of technological and spiritual emergence and evolution. Established in our world, beginning in the near future and arcing to a climactic nexus some 500 years later, the interweaving storylines of the intellectual property make use of the full range of media including TV series, films, novels, short stories, audioplays and comic books . Interviews with and works authored by several of the universe’s main characters provide content for their social media presence and digital interactivity. "Singularity" is an IP built from the ground up to be the successor to the great sci-fi franchises. Fresh, relevant, grounded in current science and forward-looking, it tackles the real-world problems and opportunities facing humanity now with interactive audience engagement and creative, stimulating narrative.

"Mary in the White Room", a prequel feature to the series "Singularity":


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