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Vox Populi

By Stefano Pavone

In a cyberpunk post-Brexit Britain, a jaded, cynical cop and a freedom fighter with a vision become embroiled in a clandestine conspiracy involving a pair of warring factions competing for control of the former United Kingdom, and with it, the world.

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In the year 2026, the UK has ceased to exist following a bloody civil war which culminated in its departure from the EU and extermination of the Royal Family. The country has turned into the British Democratic Republic, and pragmatic police detective Mikhail Rozhenko is assigned to investigate a suspected terrorist attack in the former capital city of Old London, believed to be the handiwork of a renegade faction called ARCUS, which is spearheaded by recidivistic vigilante Enrico Robutti.

Eventually gunned down following a botched espionage mission, Enrico is revived as a nanotech-enhanced cyborg by the resistance and aided by beautiful-but-deadly ninja Taki Onodera to investigate the Order of the 3 Lions, the BDR's governing party formed after the First British Revolution, which led to the collapse of the United Kingdom. Discovering a secret society called DIVIETO is manipulating the Order from within, Enrico, Mikhail and Taki find themselves fighting an invisible war which could either lead to a human revolution or leave mankind divided, forcing them to decide where their loyalties lie…

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