To Win Her Back short

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#Drama #Romance

LOGLINE: Christos talks to his friend about getting his ex back


Nominee Draft #1


3 Reviews | 5 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 1
Christos, looking for a sign, bumps into his friend. He talks about his current feelings over his ex as Jake guides him through his emotions.

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This story lacks structure. Perhaps consider thinking in terms of set up (where we meet Christos, and possibly his ex), then an inciting incident (where Christos gets dumped), a midpoint (where Christos must make some kind of choice) and a good climax (where he confronts his ex, trying to get her back, perhaps). These are just some suggestions. As it stands, the story feels a little random. A guy walks down some path, calls out to God, coincident...
A simple short story about the conversation between two people, Christos and Jake.

Christos is trying to move on from his last relationship. Jake, being a good friend, tries to help Christos think positively.

The bond between Christos and Jake is well established in the writing. The metaphorical use of the broken toy airplane is interesting.

That said, the story can be improvised in multiple ways. Explaining the real reason behind Christ...

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