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By Saurjya Rai Chaudhury

Two veterans of the 2nd Polish Corps met in Edinburgh to meet an old friends who became a unsung hero. In a battle which became overshadowed in WW2

Peer Rating: 13%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 3: 13%
Draft 2: 67%
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Two veterans of the 2nd Polish Corps met in Edinburgh to meet an old friend who became a unsunghero. In a battle which became overshadowed in WW2

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

It is difficult to follow the story for a few reasons.
The formatting is not exactly the way it needs to be. I suggest researching scene headings and when continuous is used. Read a script of a film you know well enough to visualise. These can be found online on various sites. Several books and articles are available on how to lay out a screenplay as well.
The spelling and grammar has a lot of issues. It reads as though English is not the write...

8 months ago |
The storyline, flashbacks, and progression of the script is incredibly unique and well-written, and gives the reader a thrill and better understanding of what is happening through the proper use of the elements of the screenplay. The story is also incredibly interesting, mind-gripping, leaving the reader at the edge of their seat at all times, and the characters have a lot of depth and development to them, which makes them more human and relatabl...

1 year ago |

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