Wanna See


By jeff-lewis

What would happen if the IRS number one agent turns into a modern day Robin Hood?

Peer Rating: 73%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Modern day Robin Hood: When the government miss places millions of dollars it's called misappropriated funds and he who has it gets to keep it. The Sting, Ocean's Eleven, Match Stick Men all rolled into one.

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This movie has an 80s dramedy feel to it, like Trading Places or Beverly Hills Cop. It’s got a nice light and flippant tone mixed with a crime-caper theme. It moves nicely along and the various story-lines don’t get lost in the story arc. The climax is well thought out and all the right people get their just desserts in the end.

I am not sure I am feeling the giving-back thing as strong as it should be. Its a fine premise if Bill feels the...

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San Dane Top Reviewer

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