Wanna See


By Ry Graves

Meg gets high and hangs out with a human version of her cat along with a manifestation of her subconscious and discovers the difference between being alone and being lonely.

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Meg gets off work and wants to smoke weed with her group of friends, but everyone has plans. Meg walks home past the guy who sells drugs near her building and only half-ass catcalls her. At first, meg rejects the guy’s offer for weed because she had such a bad time smoking alone in high school but finds the courage and goes home to smoke.

When home, Meg tells her cat, Brandon her frustrations and cautiously smokes. Brandon is suddenly a man in a cat costume, and he explains that he is gay, and he is going to help Meg get her life together with the help of another version of Meg.

Meg finds a version of herself in the mirror that is not exactly her. This version of her is Meg’s subconscious and wants to be called, Donna.

Meg, Donna, and Brandon get high together and eat cereal, think the cops are coming, and even have conspiracy theories about children’s television.

Later, an argument breaks out between Meg and Donna when Meg wants to smoke more. After Meg does smoke more to Donna’s annoyance, High School Meg comes through the mirror and ruins the get together making Meg, Donna, and Brandon doubt themselves.

Meg realizes the only way to defeat HS Meg is to have HS Meg smoke weed and hang out with them, so HS Meg isn’t negative and alone.

HS Meg quickly becomes one of the gang as Meg realizes she’s stayed up until sunrise having fun and drawing like she originally set out in adulthood to do. Meg decides to make every Friday night drawing night and hang out with her selves and Brandon.

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