Wanna See


By Ry Graves

Based on the video game that never existed, a 1994 underground killer’s convention held in an abandoned mall is secretly a slaughterhouse for government gambling.

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Lt. Hank Bradley, a former soldier and wrongfully convicted inmate sentenced to death, sits on a prison bus outside of the abandoned Double Tree mall in America’s nuclear wasteland. Lera Jamet, an ex KGB agent and the final contestant for the 1994 Killer’s Convention arrives. Everyone enters and signs-in with hundreds of other costumed killers.

The convention is set up much like a comic book convention where groups of Killer’s can form a team. There is also a stabbing pit in the middle of the room devoted to killers only using blades and blunt objects. Lera connects with an old partner, Bomb-Bomb and eventually secures Hank on her team.

As an announcer talks about the details of the contest, an undercover female journalist, Stolz, and her camera operator, Sam, discover the U.S. president and other government officials are involved with the contest, including Governor Smalls.

Sam and Stolz are separated as the contest begins, leaving Sam inside of the killing pit and Stolz in the mall teamed up With Lera, Hank, and Bomb-Bomb. After the contest begins, Governor Smalls’ mutant suns are unleashed through the killing pit, Rocky a ten-foot behemoth quadriplegic controlled by his albino telekinetic brother, Ricky.

During a break, Stolz watches footage of Rocky destroying killers in the killing pit along with Sam and realizes the competition is rigged and that the President is betting on when everyone will die. Stolz plans to upload the footage and send it through A.O.L. and hopefully save her teammate’s lives.

The President finds out about the upload and focuses all the competition to stopping Lera and her team from escaping the mall.

After many different battles, only Hank stays inside the mall after he forces Lera to escape. Hank returns to the fighting pit to face Ricky and Rocky with an explosive Bomb-Bomb made from a boombox. Ricky decides to go against his father and the president’s wishes and takes the bomb from Hank. Hank is forced out of the room by Ricky’s powers into Lera on her way back to save Hank. Ricky detonates the bomb killing everyone except himself, Rocky, Lera, and Hank.

Lera and Hank survive with the money the president was gambling as Ricky and Rocky walk into the desert and the U.S. Military comes for them.

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