Wanna See


By Ric Max

Trapped in his own car, a man must come to terms with his past, and survive the craziest night of his life.

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Alec, a successful young entrepreneur, has a night cap with an attractive coworker in a cafe near the hotel where they are both attending a business conference. Over coffee, they find themselves flirting and finally decide to sleep together. As they decide to part ways briefly, Alec decides to return to his vehicle, but ends up collapsing and passing out as he unlocks the doors. Waking up he finds himself paralysed in the driver's seat and under the influence of a poisonous drug that is slowly killing him. To make matters worse his phone is missing and some is calling him on the handsfree bluetooth system in his car to taunt him. As the conversations unfold, certain truths will come to light.

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