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Rapture of Elle Divine - Trinity E3

By Reid Barwick

Elle Divine puts the three archangels in motion as the Black Angel syndicate gets push back from their Asian supplier of legal drugs. Latina Congressman Garcia doesn’t realize she’s recruited an archangel for her post-election ambition.

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Elle Divine has activated Archangel Michael to begin training Sister Ruth. Elle and Ghost Rider stop a convenience store. During the stop, Elle meets an autistic child that recognizes Elle’s true identity, and character Maria Regalo Garcia, who has a unique intuitive gift. Elle is befuddled has she revealed herself to either of these people.

Michael gives Ruth a lesson about the Art of War on the prairie.

Disciples Karla and Rebecca are are pool side and Rebecca explains that she trying to figure how to reboot a new entertainment business during the pandemic. Karla notices that Rebecca does not have tattoos of angel wings on her back as Ruth and her. Karla shows Rebecca her wings.

Black Angel 2 (BA2) meets with an emissary of his Chinese drug producer. They are not happy with the revenue shortfall. They kill BA2’s operations manager at the meeting. Neither side is happy now.

Treasury Agent Casey Johnson calls on Ghost Writer as a subcontractor, but they also have a personal relationship. Casey needs help off book, and during their video call she begins to communicate what and why she has called.

Elle finds Archangel Dr. Gabriel “Gabe” Majors amidst the chaos of a hospital ICU dealing with the virus. An immunologist, Dr. Gabe is not all pleased with her timing and the call to take him away from his current focus.

Syndicate member Pandora begins to rearrange her client base for a change of power in Washington in the fall. She directs her cadre of lobbyist to charge premiums to get in front of the line for impending government loans and grants to help companies during their closing because of the pandemic. She calls Bobby Smittick and suggest that he come to D.C. to handhold a special client.

Dr. Gabe is asked to meet with Congresswoman Suzanne Garcia at her district office. He is met by the Congresswoman’s daughter Maria. It is an introductory meeting. The Congresswomen is planning for the fall and want’s a Latin face as the prominent medical voice of the science fighting the Boar Virus. They agree the pandemic will continue into the fall, and the current voices of reason will be burnt out by the political opposition and the pandemic itself.

Karla calls on a mother superior in a garden at a monetary and its cloister of nuns.

Ghost Writer while doing some work from his bike club at night, is visited by Little Gangsters from the Black Disciple roll up to the warehouse to allegedly steal some of the bikes. Ghost Rider arms himself for the brake in and waits for them to come. Entrance and words, but then one of them is shot from outside the door. Archangel “Raff” Rafael steps into the warehouse. He advises Ghost Rider that Elle has sent him as a guardian for a while.

Ghost Writer’s assistant Tameeka is connected to characters Roger and Chi Jones during a street church services. Tameeka sings the closing gospel, and is called after the service and asked by Ghost Writer to pick him up at the police precinct.

Ghost Writer and Tameeka meet Dr Gabe in the parking garage of his residence. They tell him a friend said he could help them open the right doors. They show him the RFID chip that can identify the Boar Virus in a body, and the reading wand for it.

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The first thing I will say is that this is episode three, I have not read the other two. I was assigned it so as a result I had little context of the characters and the plot etc. It took a little while to get into the story, I also struggled to find a main character, is it Ella Divine or Ghost Writer or Dr Gabe. These issues again I think are a result from only reading the third chapter, but something to consider.

However, after reading th...

2 years ago |
Chris Welsh Top Reviewer

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