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Rapture of Elle Divine - Boardrooms E2

By Reid Barwick

Black Angels syndicate meet to discuss new opportunities and threats have arisen in the pandemic. In Chicago, to begin Elle’s trip wire’s another Black Angel and needs to adjust her strategy.

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The key Lesser Black Angels (BAs) are having a board meeting to discuss the impact of the pandemic and look for new opportunities and threats. Bobby Smittick and Pandora have a side meeting to discuss the death of a Lesser Black Angel. They are suspicious that there may be an internal power play.

Robert Jones, a Chicago cop, and his wife Chi, have separated themselves in their own home due to the pandemic. Chi, who is a community leader which has promoted and operate an urban farm in a retail desert area of South Chicago to support and teach self-sufficiency to the neighborhood families. They are trying to hold everything in their world together. Officer Jones responds to a tragedy at his post. Chi gets a visit from Disciples Karla and Rebecca at the urban farm.

Elle Divine and her three disciples have gone to Chicago to begin Elle’s plans. Upon their arrival they stumble upon one of the Lessers who was at the board meeting. The Lesser can smell an angelic pheromone of Ruth when he is passed on the street as she is walking back to Elle Divine at the Apple Store along the Chicago River. The Lesser stalks Ruth back to Elle, who realizes that he is a significant Black Angel. There is quick angelic confrontation under a bridge along the river. The Lessers mortal body is dispatched into the river.

Elle’s sense of urgency to solicit help and minister comfort to those fighting the virus is heightened. She sends a bird to solicit help from an Archangel at a north wood lake. She calls upon Ghost Writer, a member of the Buffalo Riders motorcycle club. He is also a prominent CIO and veteran. Not of man of faith but special technological knowledge and skills. She “contracts” Ghost Writer for his services with a persuasive display of streaming cash and a game changing microchip to combat the pandemic. She also needs him to make a road trip with her.

BA Pandora leaves to meet with one of her clients and his confront by street thugs. There is an alley fight which she is the only one that walks out. She arrives at her client, Fox News. She meets with the head of the News Division and suggest they plan for life after the election. Pandora also begins to recruit new commentary talent to replace the fallout that’s sure to come. She confronts Latina Maria “Margy Mo” Fenton in an elevator, a rising star.

BA Bobby Smittick meets with BA2 at the Drug Distribution Center. He sets up BA2 and the same manner as Pandora earlier. BA2 is handed the sword of the fallen real estate mogul. Later BA2 get a message from his Chinese drug supplier. They are not happy.

FBI Special Agent Katherine Katt is directed to follow up on the unusual death of a Real Estate mogul in Chicago. The beheading was not part of the information given to the media. Katt calls on close friend Treasury Agent Casey Johnson for assistance. Both are working from home. The acknowledge to try and work below the radar due to the behavior of executive leadership in both departments.

Ghost Rider, Elle Divine and Ruth bike to Michael’s lake cabin. Ghost Writer get’s the full reveal as Michael is called back to service, and Ruth is left with Michael for training.

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