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Perfect Wedding

By Reid Barwick

She is one week away from a wedding she had in her mind since she was 15. Every thing is set. All that’s left is her fiancé and groomsmen to fly from California, and her step father from Puerto Rico. What could go wrong? It’s Sunday, September 10, 2001.

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Kaitlynn Dawn Prescott has returned to her hometown from California to finalize tasks for the beach wedding she imagined since she was 15. With the help of her mother, maid of honor, and wedding planner everything is in place for a late afternoon ceremony on the beach and reception at the adjoining period landmark Jacksonville Beach Hotel. It’s Sunday, September 10th, 2001.

The following morning groom Sean O’Hara, a telemarking manager, reports to his Silicon Valley office at 5 AM to supervise his team calling East Coast Prospects. His stepfather dad, Curt is a corporate mid-level manager for a casino company in Las Vegas. Curt is getting ready for work watch the TV. The second airplane is about to fly into the World Trade Center.

Curt assumes that Kaitlynn will postpone the wedding, and calls his son. Sean informs him that she is not canceling her dream wedding. Curt is in disbelief, and ask Sean what’s his plan. Sean really hasn’t thought it out. Curt tells Sean to drive down to Vegas overnight, and they’ll drive to Jacksonville with his boarder Bill, a nurse who is gay.

During the trip a number of issues arise. Upon Sean’s arrival in Las Vegas, he begins to become ill. Kaitlynn keeps calling to suggesting to go to the nearest airport and wait for flights to start again. Kaitlynn’s stepfather Donny is a construction project manager, and is stuck in Puerto Rico. Mother Nature also gets involved with a Class 1 Hurricane skirting Jacksonville at the time the beach ceremony is scheduled.

Kaitlynn’s mother, Vondra Rae Stiles and her Jax Beach drinking pal have been trying to help Vondra deal with Kaitlynn’s obsession for perfection. They also have worked hard that there are no fireworks between Curt and his ex-wife and Sean’s mother Diedra. Curt has not seen her since before three month their divorce became final. Vondra Rae has tag Diedra the Smothership.

Diedra has made every facet of Sean’s life and choices her top priority. Curt is understated in his emotional ties to Sean, but fears his mother’s involvement will eventually screw up the marriage. Curt has also never seen or met Diedre’s boyfriend Eddie, who was what Curt terms as the “next guy” at the time of the divorce. Curt underlying anger has been dormant.

Vondra and her Deep South pals a gleeful that this will be an exciting weekend.

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What I like most about this film is that the characters are very human. Sure, the dialogue comes across as a bit stale and robotically written(don't hate me), but there's still enough of individuality to each character's speech pattern that you can easily identify who's who and what they're trying to emote.

The interrupted wedding cliché is of course one that's been spun about in a thousand different narratives, but the fact that this particu...

2 years ago |
Emil Axelsson Top Reviewer

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