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Lovely By Design

By Raymond M

Live-action, animated sexually-charged dramedy depicting a relationship between an angry young man and an anime character that came to life.

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Angry, lonely young man Mike finds solace in masturbating to Japanese animation (anime) instead of dealing with his angry, verbally abusive father.

His libido and perceived involuntary celibacy takes a turn after seeing an advert on television encouraging men to buy anime women (a.ka. Animistresses) coming to life to cure you of your sexual inadequacy. He does so which in turn leads him to harbour further problems not only with his life but getting into intense fights with his father to where he dies and where he decides to join a man who'll promise him making money killing people for profit to help favour his Animistress.

This is essentially a satire on sexual commodification and the rise of the incel movement often going to extremes to find companionship. Think "Roger Rabbit" and "Lars and the Real Girl" by someone who's seen "Elfen Lied" too many times?

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