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Star Wars Episode 2 The Force’s Reckoning

By Oscar Alcala

Lord Malcolm continues to capture Jedi from across the galaxy which causes Master Oscar and his Padawan Connor to go into hiding on the Planet Soiven. Meanwhile Master Marc Kena and his Padawan Chelsea Wilson search for the ancient Jedi and Sith scriptures before the Empire finds them

Peer Rating: 13%
Industry Rating: N/A
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In the second film to the trilogy all Jedi hide from the Empire. The capture Jedi as imprisoned by the new leader of the Empire, Emperence Pchelnikova. The Republic must do what they must to save the Jedi. This film was meant for friends, but was very well received from readers. Names are based of real people. Enjoy!

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

I cannot give a fair review because the script got 3 fundamental issues. The good thing is that they should be quick to fix.

First of the script is not properly formatted. scene headings are not in caps. Example:
Ext. Republic Ship - Hallway
I have to use pdf page numbering as the document does not have page numbers.

The dialog does not have the names in caps:
(On speaker)
If I can everyone’s attention, the auction is now...

2 years ago |

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