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LOGLINE: Five friends go on a vacation days before graduation. A series of unfortunate events occur on their way back home. Will they make it to graduation on time?.




1 Reviews | 37 pages | 3 weeks ago | Draft 1
Five college friends who live together go on a trip to California for one last hoorah before they graduate and start their new lives. With graduation just around the corner, a series of unfortunate events causes a few setbacks along the way as they race back home. Will they make it to graduation in time?

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Overall, the script has the potential to be a solid vacation movie that I would consider a good family movie. The story is decently strong but still has to develop since it is unfinished. The structure needs some work, but I commented on what formatting needs to change. The characters are defined and notable as hell and will give you some laughs, but sometimes, the dialogue can be rough. An enjoyable read and I can't wait to see where it goes.

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