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What We Did That Summer

By Nick Romantini

Three 12 year-old boys get lost while camping in the woods and must put aside their differences to find their way home the hard way while also learning about friendship, survival, and growing up.

Draft #5
Draft #3
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Draft 5: 47%
Draft 3: 63%
Draft 1: 47%
0 Reviews | 88 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 6


"What We Did That Summer" is a coming-of-age adventure drama set in the early-1990's that tells the story of three 12 year-old boys who, during a week long camping trip in the woods near their home, get lost in the wilderness and must put aside their differences and rely on each other to get home. Along the way, they learn about friendship, survival, and growing up.

Inspired by coming-of-age classics like "Stand By Me" and the films of John Hughes, "What We Did That Summer" is an emotional, humorous, and all around feel good story that people of any age can enjoy and relate to. Additionally, it can potentially fall in line with more recent childhood adventure tales such as "Stranger Things" and "IT".

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Interesting concept. Reminds me of "Stand by Me". I thought the character development was very well-done. At first, I was skeptical about the plot. The dialogue in the first few scenes didn't flow very well, with weird cuss words that didn't flow and would probably distract the audience. Also, I didn't like how some sentences started out with "D--n" it!", because in life, no one starts out a sentence by saying that(again, flow). My favorite chara...

1 year ago |
Keep in mind I'm no professional at coverage. But I was really impressed with this script. Best one I’ve read so far on here. This is a solid amateur script. It has the potential to do something great in screenwriting competitions (the Nicholl fellowship) in my opinion, but first it must address a few issues, that I’ll return to. Overall, there’s no doubt this writer will have a future in the biz, as long as he continues to build his craft. There...

1 year ago |
MARC LAW Top Reviewer
My biggest issue with this script was the pacing. Not much happens the first `15 pages. The amount of back-story at the beginning isn't necessary. I would recommend revealing some of these elements throughout the story instead of including it all in the beginning; I would suggest doing this through dialogue, or even a couple more flashbacks. In addition, I felt that there was not a clear peak point in the story. The boys continuously mention the...

1 year ago |
Amber Norris Top Reviewer
I highly suggest you publish this.

1 year ago |
The screenplay is a nice read and the story has great potential. It holds up structurally but the beats didn't serve up any real dilemma that would keep a reader hooked to the story. The first 30 pages really do drag and I felt like it was taking too long to properly introduce us to these kids and their relationships with their families, and even then it was quite muted and executed without action. I had to read the first 30 pages a couple of tim...

1 year ago |
Damian R Top Reviewer
First and foremost-- this is a good draft. The characters are clear; the relationships are vibrant; the concept is interesting; etc. etc.

All of these comments are extremely subjective, so absolutely take them with a grain of salt.

Congratulations on accomplishing what you have already accomplished with the completion of this draft!

With all of that said, here are my overall thoughts:

General: I think that the script works, but needs...

1 year ago |

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