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By Nicholas Black

In a cave in war-torn Syria, archeologists discover an ancient Scroll with 7 seals. As 4 the seals break, the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are released along with a strange Prophet who returns from the from the dead... again.

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George Redding and his colleague Adnan discover the remains of what might be the Arc of the Covenant and the Scroll with 7 seals (from Revelations) in a cave network in Apamea, Syria. On the verge of collapse, they rush to document the find but they’re too late as the caves crash down around them.

Adnan manages to escape, bringing the evidence to George’s son, MIT Linguistics Professor Peter Redding. This begins a story that spans the globe as members of the Vatican join the hunt for proof.

In Mexico City, the body of a Daniel Ramose is found brutally murdered, floating in a river. Impossibly, he is brought back to life and those who witness it begin to refer to him as the White Miracle…

Meanwhile, in the collapsed cave network, the shifting tectonic plates have broken 4 of the Scroll’s 7 seals, unleashing the spirits of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The horsemen—Death, Conquest, Famine and War—take on the form of 4 seemingly innocent children across the world.

Their mission is simple: They are here to usher in the End of Days.

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Noah Centineo

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