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COMIC BOOK HERO: The Scarlet Flame

By Neil Golin

Iron Man for the Ladies

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0 Reviews | 119 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 1


“COMIC BOOK HERO: The Scarlet Flame” is a superhero comedy/adventure with a lot of unique aspects that distinguish it from the well-known genre.

Here’s the first two sentences from a paid feedback service, “Overall this is a fun and enjoyable script with a light tone and characters that are instantly likeable. The writer does a good job setting up the protagonists of Jennifer and Paul well from the outset.”

After 5 pages of helpful notes, all relatively minor, the reviewer concludes the review with “As a script, the writer accomplishes what they set out to do. Jennifer and Paul are fun and goofy characters and the plot’s always moving.”

So, I think the script is getting better with each re-write, as it should. I’m hoping that many of you will enjoy the script and might have some good suggestions on how to make it better.


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