Wanna See


By Nate Houk

Two friends go hiking and use a selfie-stick. Narcissism loses in the end.

Peer Rating: 67%
Industry Rating: N/A
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Two friends go hiking and use a selfie stick. Narcissism loses in the end.

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Peer Reviews

This was pretty well-written, though it kinda reads like a shooting script, though not quite. But the way the specific shots were written (the frames per second thing might go over some readers' head) made it easy to visualize, so I won't dock points for that. I went in blind, not knowing the genre, so the ending came pretty unexpectedly... which I liked a lot. It reminded me of a short called, "Spider" by Noah Edgerton (check it out). The charac...

1 year ago |
Michael Kospiah Top Reviewer

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