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#Drama #Horror #Thriller

LOGLINE: Gabriel lives in a world where people who commit henious crimes like murder, arson, etc. are sentenced with being put in front of live audiences as the style of play before shortly being executed. Gabriel is going to see his first show and it will change the course of his life forever.


Winner Draft #4
Nominee Draft #2


2 Reviews | 102 pages | 1 month ago | Draft 4
Gabriel's story is told from his eyes and what has happened ever since that fateful night as a child.

Industry Reviews

All in all, this is definitely a step up from the previous draft of The Show Must Go On. The main thing I would look at this time would be just fixing some of the formatting issues as well as the spelling and grammar errors. Hopefully my feedback will be helpful for your future revisions. Good luck!

Overall, I actually had a good time reading this script. Although, I feel like it definitely works better as a drama thriller rather than a horror comedy because there's not much gore or humor, but there's a lot of tension and conflict. With the notes and feedback I've provided, hopefully they'll help you with your future revisions. Good luck!

Peer Reviews

Overall, The Show Must Go On is a spectacle for the reader and the viewer! It is one of those stories where not everything needs to make sense, yet the eeriness of the final scenes and the false catch towards the end makes the read even more exciting, which will look even better if this were made into a film. The pop culture references and the methods by which prisoners are actually executed midway remind me of medieval or coliseum shows yet the...
This is a one of its kind script.

It begins with Gabriel as a child going to a theatre to watch a unique play/punishment. It then touches upon the highlights of Gabriel's life growing up. Eventually, the story slows down and stops at the point where Gabriel and his daughter Elisabeth deal with their conflicting opinions.

First of all, the idea of the play "The Entertainment" is absolutely unique.
The way Gabriel meets Veronica in the bar...
An interesting concept played out in front of a live audience where justice is served, not by the state, but by the Entertainment industry. There are a number of spelling and grammar issues but the story itself was good with a nice twist at the end.

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