A Saying in Iceland feature

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#Drama #Romance

LOGLINE: When an impromptu trip goes horribly awry, a disheartened aspiring photographer develops a long distance relationship against the behest of his jealous ex-girlfriend.




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Will North takes an impromptu trip at the suggestion of his mother, Olivia. On a chance of fate with a hint of nostalgia, Will throws a dart at a map on the wall, landing on the country of Iceland.

In the small fishing town of Höfn, Iceland, Iðunn Halldórsdóttir is in the midst of a toxic relationship with her boyfriend, Viktor. After one of their typical arguments, Iðunn leaves and crosses paths with Will for the first time. The two later meet again at a bar, this time holding a conversation with Viktor in waiting. The conversation results in another argument between Iðunn and Viktor.
Will runs into Iðunn yet again where the two begin to form a friendship together. Iðunn shares her past about herself, where Will is extremely reluctant to do so, shutting down at times. The two eventually share a kiss together, which is spotted by Viktor who then confronts Iðunn about it resulting in a fabrication by Iðunn of her and Will's friendship. Will and Iðunn spend their last moments together before Will leaves, only to have Viktor ambush and assault Will. Will leaves in anger toward Iðunn, leaving the country.

Will returns home in humility where he runs into his ex girlfriend, Tess Jenkins. Tess learns of Will's trip as well as Iðunn. Will decides to contact Iðunn for a fresh start, rebuilding their relationship. With each step forward Will takes in his relationship with Iðunn, Tess plants the seeds of doubt in it's possible success. Iðunn decides to visit Will in the U.S. where their relationship takes off at a quickened pace.

Will crosses paths with a woman on the streets, Nora. Will does everything in his power to avoid her. Will and Iðunn run into Olivia which results in dinner together where Iðunn learns that what Will is saying about Tess isn't what it seems. Later Iðunn confronts Will and an argument ensues. Iðunn ends up going back to Iceland in tears. Will enters Tess's old bedroom where she shows up again. Will tells her off for one last time.

Will and Nora cross paths again. This time coming to terms with their shared loss. Will then decides to head back to Iceland, where he meets Iðunn once more.

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