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#Horror #Action/Adventure #Thriller

LOGLINE: Two women do what is necessary to survive a pandemic.


Winner Draft #1


3 Reviews | 23 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 1
This is intended to be a stand-alone episode for a half hour anthology tv series a la Twilight Zone. Just as that program presented its own twists on well-worn genres and tropes, this is me imagining how such a show might handle a "zombie" story.
Of course this mines familiar territory, just as almost every single TZ episode did. I already know that you've seen other zombie stuff.

Industry Reviews

You’ve got a fantastic twist here but as yet it’s not exploited to the max. I would advise leaning into and extracting the maximum amount of drama and emotion that you can from it. But also be aware that that the script must stand on its own two feet in the run-up to this twist – even without the twist it needs to be a tense and exciting story.

To achieve that I would have the women trying to protect Lettie’s daughter while they make the dang...

Peer Reviews

Here were my thoughts on your script:

Concept: I like how you had two women from different backgrounds trying to survive together. I do wish a timeline had been established early on in the script.

Story: It reminded me of the Walking Dead series. I could definitely see this as its own feature film. It would be nice to strengthen the bond (if any) these women have created with each other.

Structure: The script is very readable. I'm not...
This is The Walking Dead basically. Two women escape a horde of zombies (infected people) burning them with diesel. After that, they find a young man bitten and hopeless, and abandon him because they can't chop off his hand without killing him as they don't have any surgical equipment. Perhaps it was worth a try, because he turns zombie seconds after the women leave.

Then they find a 13 year old girl, who one of the women suspects...

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