Wanna See

Garden State

By Damian Haynes

A series of unfortunate circumstances sends a young college student down on a path of crime and deceit, leaving carnage in her way

Peer Rating: 37%
Industry Rating: N/A
2 Reviews | 56 pages | 3 years ago | Draft 1


Bellina is a young college student, stricken with poverty, living in Essex County, New Jersey. Due to many unfortunate circumstances, Bellina would like nothing more than to be able to transfer to a big university, to be able to get a degree and a job, really get her life together. But, life is an unpredictable thing.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Urban dramas about disadvantaged youth taking the quick and easy path to crime with unfortunate results are tricky for the simple reason that a writer close enough to tell the tale with authenticity may lack the perspective to make the tale universal. This appears to be the problem with this script. Movies like MOONLIGHT, BOYZ N THE HOOD, and SET IT OFF successfully tell tales of people with little in the way of education or opportunity being tem...

2 years ago |
Kelly Smith Top Reviewer
Interesting. This was by far one of the most interesting scripts I've read in a while. Normally, I would follow up with a detailed page by page analysis but for this one, it'll be different. First off I do not know if you are planning on Directing, Shooting, Acting, Editing, Promoting, Catering, 1st ADing, or anything else for this script. For an industry standard script you would have to cut out all of your Shot Directions. Also, in your Action...

2 years ago |
David Weishaar Top Reviewer

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