Wanna See


By Andrew Dee

When the girl he loves breaks up with him, an introspective yet ambitious teenager must figure out how to get what he wants and live the good life in the amoral world that surrounds him.

Draft #2
Peer Rating: 63%
Industry Rating: N/A
Draft 2: 63%


After the girl he loves breaks up with him, Elijah realizes his current trajectory in life will not lead him where he wants to go. He must abandon the moral framework that has guided his life thus far in order to get what he wants and find a new one to replace it with lest he be corrupted by the hedonistic world that surrounds him.

Industry Reviews

Peer Reviews

Great story! Special props especially to the dialogue. I teach high school students for a living, and a lot of this dialogue felt pretty spot-on to the average teenager.

My one dialogue critique would be from the opening scene with Penny on page 2. When Penny says the whole spheal about how looking at Eli is like looking in a mirror, it didn't feel real. I understand it sets up the theme of the show, but I would find a way to deliver the mess...

8 months ago |
Jonathan Barbour Top Reviewer
Well, I don't think I've across the word "weed" in my life more than I had while reading this script. For real. It was too much, literally too much. I don't remember a page without coming across this and having this as something that is in the centre of your story ruins it totally in every aspect in my eyes. It's perfectly fine to have it mentioned from time to time but not a movie about drugs. This won't be a box office hit, in my opinion. Put m...

7 months ago |

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