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Dollars of the damned

By john M

In 1936 rural Texas, a stubborn reporter pursues a mobster for the reward to save her family newspaper but becomes trapped in a mansion with him by the cult he works for.

Draft #2
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Draft 2: 63%
Draft 1: 53%
0 Reviews | 13 pages | 1 year ago | Draft 3


Webisode Pilot: Texas, 1936. Tomboyish reporter Sheena Stark discovers the newspaper her family has owned for over 30 years is being shut down in 2 weeks. She discovers a way to save her family from financial ruin when she discovers a wanted hitman in town is hiding in an old abandoned mansion. She straps her camera and goes alone to get proof he's really there for the feds, but...

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Peer Reviews

From a technical standpoint, this is a very well-written script and very easy to read. The dialogue also flows well and for the most part, your scenes run in a manner that keeps the story going. I'm assuming this is the first 12 pages of a feature-length screenplay. If this is the case, I think you set up your protagonist well. The antagonist, from what I read, still isn't very clear, but it doesn't necessarily have to be. I would suggest possibl...

1 year ago |
Script Mother Top Reviewer
So is this supposed to be a series of shorts or do you want to make this into a feature? I think it works as a beginning to a series of shorts. Love the dialogue and, for the most part, the understanding of the time this is set. Sheena, Daisy, and Dead Eye pop as characters. Technically it could be a problem of this being tride and true for the period it's set in. I like the manifestation of whatever is going to happen next and the monsters. That...

1 year ago |
Screenplays are created from engaging loglines, and your screenplay has both advantages. The purpose of your logline is to attract interest in your project as quickly as possible. The story centres around a journalist who wants to preserve his family heritage anyway, even if it means chasing and arresting a dangerous and mysterious person. I would appreciate it if the script were to be in anime or animation format. The atmosphere is quite reminis...

1 year ago |

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