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The Elements E01

By James Odulaja

A group of four elemental based people are assembled by Jordan O'Brien to expose The Illuminati.

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Draft 1: 53%
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This is the first episode to an hour long action series based on shows like The Avatar, Umbrella Academy, Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc. The series is about a group of four people with elemental based powers: Franklin(Water-Bender), Pedro(Fire-Bender) Eric(Earth-Bender), and Dawn(Air-Bender), that are recruited by a charming rich archaeologist, Jordan O'Brien, to help lower the world's crime rate and to stop the Illuminati's world altering plans.

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I would like to say that overall, this is a good pilot. It brings the characters all together and provides us with a fulfilling story for each one, but not revealing too much backstory either, perfect. For me, the high points of your writing come from your ability to create and explain characters, even ones that aren't or don't seem significant to the plot or story. I'd say your low point is your dialogue, although it's decent, it could definitel...

10 months ago |
Armin Kamsi Top Reviewer

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