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#Horror #Comedy #Mystery/Suspense

LOGLINE: Horror fanatic Evie Carpenter and her friends become targets after a Scream obsessed serial killer decides to play with them. Can they survive? Can Evie perform her song at the music contest? More importantly can she love again?


Nominee Draft #1


3 Reviews | 165 pages | 9 months ago | Draft 1
This here is my love letter to the horror genre as a whole but mostly the slasher genre which I’ve been addicted to since an age which was far too young.
I just wanted to take the basis story of a slasher film lure you in and then do something that hasn’t been done much.

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Too much of this screenplay is social commentary and the writer showing off their love of pop culture which leaves little room for much of a movie at all. There are glimpses of skill from the writer in a few scenes so there is potential for an improved screenplay where there is more focus on the story and developing the characters.

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