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Foxblade Episode 2: “First Day On The Job”

By J. Brodie Shirey

Roxanne Redtail discovers an evil plot to destroy the Earth and becomes the powerful hero Foxblade to prevent it.

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Still reeling from her first battle against Spiker Dave and the loss of Murphy, Roxy heads home... where she ends up revealing her newfound secret to Jack. In turn, Jack offers to become her sidekick and share his vast knowledge of Tokusatsu shows to help in her mission to protect the Earth. Meanwhile, the Veragon Empire catches wind of this new threat to their evil plans, and sends an army of Office Drones and their monstrous legal consultant Boulderbash to take Foxblade out. The rock-covered behemoth initially proves too powerful for our armored hero, but luckily Jack discovers how to erode Boulderbash's stony hide and give Foxblade the chance to land a finishing blow. The battle is won for now, but Roxy now has an entire corporation's worth of evil space monsters gunning for her, and things will never be the same for her or the people of Earth.

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