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Magic Blot Out

By Heath Taylor

Worlds most unlucky man finds luck, loses it and must fight to get his life back.

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Henry Pederton may just be the unluckiest man in the world. He went from being an unlucky kid, an unlucky teen to now an unlucky adult.
Nothing ever went his way throughout his entire life.
Then one day while relaxing at his favorite spot, the library, he happens on a mysterious object that he plays around with to an unexpected outcome.
The bottle is magic and has the ability to change circumstances with a simple brush of fluid on paper. Henry is ecstatic that something has finally turned his way and in his excitement at his new dream life he misses one detail, he neglects to protect his new toy.
His toy is then stolen by someone stalking him who witnessed the first change in the library and has followed Henry since.
Henry is ever the trusting soul so he couldn’t fathom how someone would A. follow him and B. take his Magic Blot Out.
Then reality gets changed again this time from Henrys dream to Henrys nightmare due to his lack of protection of his new found gift.
The police are hunting him down, he can’t go home, he was fired from his job and his wife left him with the kids.
He hides out over a close friend’s house and tells him everything even promises to help his dreams come true if he helps get back the gift.
This friend then enlists the help of his seedy ex-military friend to help get the gift back in exchange for a huge payout.
This starts the adventure to retrieve the Magic Blot Out from the stalker who is at that time living it up.
He has purchased a penthouse downtown, a full security staff and is on tv at every chance he gets.
He has also done what Henry couldn’t, protect the Magic Blot Out.
The trio then set out to retrieve the Magic Blot Out at the stalkers party they crashed.
Crazy things occur and they eventually after many hardships get the Magic Blot Out back and restore the lucky life to Henry his friend and his ex-military new friend.
Henry goes on to do many great philanthropic things and decides to hand the well-worn old bottle of Magic Blot Out to his favorite nephew as he had no kids of his own
(his wife’s kids were hers before they were married).
Henry speaks privately to his favorite nephew on his death bed and gives him the bottle then dies.
Little did Henry know that the nephew was acting and cared nothing of Henry, just what Henry could do for him.
Now he doesn’t need anyone to do whatever he wants.
The movie is set up for a sequel where the nephew is being villainous and must be stopped.

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