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Woo Lab

By Hassaam Choudhry

A mockumentary-style comedy centered around an ordinary neurology research lab with some not so ordinary researchers makes for extraordinary results.

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An ordinary day at the lab begins with the mechanical Dr. Woo assigning tasks for the day. The undergraduate students are assigned to various projects in pairs that are not the most compatible, and the graduate students are told to supervise. While the undergrads Evan and Hani fight throughout the day during their project, the other undergrads paired are the mischievous Winston and the kiss-up Hunter. With the task of mentoring Winston, Hunter loses his patience with Winston's witty remarks and accidentally breaks lab equipment. This ropes the graduate students Ali and Nadia into trying to cover the disaster from Dr. Woo as they were technically responsible. At the end of the day, Dr. Woo finds out about the broken equipment and nobody gets in trouble or blamed, while Evan and Hani successfully finish their assigned task. The day is filmed entirely in a mockumentary style with a camera crew that also conducts interviews with the lab members in talking headshots.

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