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The Long Way Home

By Lenny Burmer

A man without memory uncovers his lost past only to realize that in order to be happy he has to let go.

Draft #1
Peer Rating: 60%
Industry Rating: N/A
1 Reviews | 45 pages | 2 years ago | Draft 1


Frank is suffering from a Mental disease which caused him to forget about his past. Now it is up to him to uncover the events that unfolded in his life and how everything ultimately led up to this point. A story for an interactive video game where the player experiences a story about love, pain, and loss.

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Peer Reviews

First of all, it is clear that this is a very personal story. The way the writer chose to tell his story is beautiful and nostalgic. It reminded me of the TV series "This is Us" If the writer didn't watch it, I recommend to take a look because it follows the same structure as this story (present/past).
Second of all, the flashbacks are too much. There is some flashback that doesn't move the story forward and can easily be removed without affecti...

2 years ago |
Estephan Khattar Top Reviewer

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