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Bound by Blood

By Esem Samuels

When her mother's diagnosed with terminal cancer, a strong-willed teenager watches her life fall apart and must battle to put the pieces back together before her mom's time runs out.

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Peer Rating: 53%
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Draft 3: 53%
Draft 2: 53%
Draft 1: 53%
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Lots of films glorify cancer, such as the much-adored "The Fault in Our Stars." However, the reality of cancer is much starker, and what it can do to a family is devastating. One particular challenge occurs when that cancer is hereditary and related to a genetic mutation. An example is the BRCA mutation which greatly increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women, especially the Ashkenazi Jewish population, which this film focuses on.

Bound by Blood follows the story of a mother and a daughter, the former discovering she has terminal cancer, and the latter discovering she has the BRCA mutation and is a high cancer risk. In order to stay united, they must overcome the biology driving them apart.

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Peer Reviews

There was a little on-the-nose dialogue. On several pages were a large swatch of dialogue that stretched on without a break for action. I believe the COMIC set was too on-the-nose and broke the pace of the story. I was confused, at Richie's age what was he doing in a comedy club?

On page 89, the bathroom scene. Was this Jenny or Mia getting out of the shower?
On page 92, what surgery did Richie need? He took his mother's opioids to try to O...

1 year ago |
Good script. The dialogue speaks well but could be better.
There are scenes that need to be removed. The masturbating scene is one of them.
Get this... This script is good enough but it is still another cancer story. There are lots of them out there.
You gotta find one thing to put in your story that will make it stand out among others. I get that you went to the angle of inherited cancer gene but you gotta find a way to play more on this. And...

1 year ago |
Chukwuma Amobi Top Reviewer
In your summary you state movies glorify cancer. I understand your thinking but we go to see movies not only to entertain but also to inspire us. A drama about cancer is already tough to watch. So an audience wants something to believe in. Especially those of us who have gone through cancer or with loved ones: why would we want to see that again?

I sat on this review for a whole week because I struggled with: is this a movie a producer wou...

1 year ago |
San Dane Top Reviewer

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