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By eclippz gmr

2 Best friends take on a heist mission.

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Quentin Hawking and Martin Ronson are best friends from high school, but after being hired to do a heist of a painting by "Roman" the owner of a pawn shop, they have to invade and steal the painting. Will they steal the painting?

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In the first paragraph you describe a lot of things about where they are going, who gave them the assignment and such. You need to find ways to "show" this instead of writing the information. If this were to be filmed, a viewer would not have that information.

Quentin and Martin sit in the parking lot waiting for the clock
to turn to 8:58 so they can enter the museum and steal Scream.
Now, Roman told us to wait until 8:58
This is r...

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Christine Locker Top Reviewer

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